Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

This section comprises all of our brilliant gifts perfect for Secret Santa, that are under £10 - obviously. Perfect for office workers and teachers to buiders and "waste management and disposal technicians"

Here's some Secret Santa under £10 fun facts;

Did you know that the chances of pulling your own name out of a hat at the Secret Santa time doesn't change if there is more than 10 people in the group?

We'd like to explain this mathematical, Secret Santa giving phenomenon, but it would take up a lot of internet space, so we won't. but your chances of being your own Secret Santa are - 0.632, whether there is 10 or 100 of you.

Did you know that 10 years a go, the average budget for a Secret Santa was half what it is now? Yes, the average budget is now 10 pounds. That's inflation for you.

God knows what the Secret Santa budget will be in another 10 years time. A week's wage?

Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

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