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We make finding stocking fillers easy. All of our novelty gifts in this section are under £10, and would easily fit into a stocking. Funny, cheap and great service - that's us...

Yes, a whole section that has Novelty Gifts rigorously tested to make sure they fit in a stocking, and therefore become a Stocking Filler. We take definitions very seriously here.

Which is why we pondered on the following question. Why do we put presents in stockings. 'Tis a bit odd, no? Well sit back and relax. Here's the story about why we put little novelty gifts in stockings (our version). So not the official one. Many years ago, there was an old man who sold Novelty Gifts. Unfortunately, this old man became ill, and his novelty gifts business went bust. He became worried at what was to become of his 3 unmarried daughters. St. Nicholas got wind (teehee) of his plight, and knowing the old man wouldn't accept charity, placed 3 bags of gold, in 3 different stockings drying over the fireplace.

And that's why we put novelty gifts in stockings - making the term, stocking fillers.

Stocking Fillers

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