Bathroom Spinner Sign
  • Bathroom Spinner Sign

Bathroom Spinner Sign


Make sure everyone knows whether you're having a wee or a shower! (hopefully not both at the same time)


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Bathroom Spinner Sign

Don't you hate it when someone comes barging in through the bathroom door? Sure, its mildly irritating when you're only cleaning your teeth, but its absolutely annoying when you're having a number two, or God forbid when you're having a bath or shower! Never worry, with this little cheap novelty gift, you wont have to worry about being barged in on again! Whether you're turning into a prune in the bath for an hour, or simply having a wee, you won't have to worry about being intruded ever again!

Bathroom Spinner Sign Product Features:

Contains one spinner

Contains a suction cup

Never be interrupted during your morning routine ever again!

Packaged Dimensions: Coming Soon

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