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Rude Gift Wrap

Rude Gift Wrap

So there is only one reason we have decided to stock this high quality rude gift wrap. It's not because it is amazing quality (it is), it's not because they are brilliant (they are), it is because we hate giftwrapping. You see, we love our novelty gifts. We love to make people laugh, to spread happiness, watch people have fun buying and unwrapping. We love our quirky, novelty, rude, crude, sometimes offensive gifts. They are largely pointless, apart from offering the above, but that's why people buy them.

But giftwrapping is not for us. So we've decided to compromise, because so many of you want us to offer the service again. We will provide the very best wrap, and you can wrap it yourselves. Sound fair? No? Tough.

Rude - Cock Word Willy Wrap

Seriously, what more could you want from some rude wrapping paper? You get two sheets of gift wrap, so enough to wrap 3 or 4 gifts. I mean, sthis tuff is seriously funny. Porridge Rifle, Love Muscle, Purple Headed Womb Ferret. You just can't get gift wrap like this from anywhere else.

Rude - Lovely C*&T Gift Wrap

So the only thing better than gift wrap covered in funny alternative ways of saying penis is one with the C word on it. I mean, where else could we have gone after the above effort. It's what we do, push the lines of accepance of rude and offensive words and gifts.

Can you think of any rude or offensive gift wrap you would like us to stock? Let us know!!