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Gifts for Boss’ Day

Gifts for Boss’ Day

Buying for the boss can be hard. You don’t want to accidentally buy them a cheap novelty gift for less than a fiver but then upset them! But have no fear, you can keep your plans of only spending a fiver and not upset them with our range of cheap novelty gifts!

The Boss Mug


Want to play it safe? Why not get them a The Boss Mug! Made from strong stoneware, comes complete with a handle and a receptacle for holding liquid, it really is a mug! With a clean glossy finished, and big lettering easily conveying the message of “THE BOSS” everyone is going to know who the boss is. And it’s less than a fiver, what a bargain!

The Boss Mints.


Don’t want to spend more than £2 on your cheap novelty gift? No worries, we have you covered. With the “THE BOSS” mints and decorative tin, you’re sure to please! Everyone likes mints, your boss will too! Don’t eat too many though, mints are a powerful laxative, and nobody wants to see the boss following through in a meeting. And once you have eaten all the mints, you can reuse the tin! Perfect for when you accidentally rip open your strong mints or polo packet and need somewhere to store them!

Voodoo “Boss” Doll


Don’t like your boss? Why not reat yourself to a voodoo doll instead! Included with pins, you’ll be able to stab your boss to commit to your desires. Make them thank you for your hard work, offer you a promotion, and even give you time off for a holiday! Results may vary. All for less than a fiver too!