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5 Rude Secret Santa Gifts Less than A Fiver!

5 Rude Secret Santa Gifts Less than A Fiver!

5.Shit Stirrer Spoon


Every office has a shit stirrer! Flinging shit every which way and hoping that it sticks and causes a bit of drama in the office, just for their own amusement! Be it accusing people of drinking another person’s milk from the communal fridge, or spreading gossip about redundancies, we all know one! And if you’ve been unfortunate enough to be their secret santa gift getter, well this is your opportunity to cause your very own drama! Payback is a novelty gift sold cheap (and less than a fiver!).

4. Anti Bullshit Spray


Speaking of shit, every office has a bullshitter too! We all know the type, be it little lies like that saw someone take the last biscuit from the novelty biscuit tin in the kitchen, too big fat lies about how it wasn’t their fault for being late for work or being something outrageous like being related to the queen! Utter, utter bollocks! What isn’t bollocks though is our amazing cheap price point, It’s less than a fiver and it will sit nicely and snug into any stocking or gift bag!

3. Boob Cube


Do you have someone who can’t just fidgeting? Bringing in all sorts of various of fidget contraptions such as spinners, dice and other 3 dimensional shapes covered in knobs switches and buttons that click? Is that person also obsessed with puzzles and boobies? Wowee, do we have the gift for them! Not only will this cheap novelty gift amuse them until the end of time due to its approximately 43 quintillion possible patterns, but they get to look at boobs all day while doing so! What and incredibl rude secret Santa gift idea

2. Succulent Willy


Is your novelty giftee have an oral fixation? The signs are often very clear! Do you see them often chewing on pens? Do they smoke? Do you often catch them nibbling on something like their fingernail or clothing? If you’re the secret santa to someone who possess any of these qualities, give them proper to suck on! This succulent willy lollipop is sure to stop those oral fixations! And it’s less than a fiver, what else could you ask for? It's the perfect rude secret Santa gift

1. Wank Wipes


Do you have an office wanker? Make sure they know with this novelty gift under £5. This is bordering on to rude a gift for most secret Santa's, especially in an office environmenmt, but there's always the office party to present this naughty gift.