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Fart Stopping Novelty Gifts

Fart Stopping Novelty Gifts

Farting is one of those disgusting things that every does, just like eating your bogies or having a wee in the sea. People don’t admit they do it, but they do! Here are some gifts to stop those notorious farting monstrosities in your life, be it your boss, partner, or even kids!

Cure For Farting In Bed

Farting in bed is such a problem that it even has its own slang on the online urban dictionary. “Dutch Oven” is the act fart farting in bed, and then lying in wait for your partner to sniff it. If you’ve suffered such a disgusting act, you’ll probably want to try your best to prevent it from happening ever again! But don’t fear, we have a novelty solution! This Cure for Farting in Bed set of bath herbs might help your partners flatulent problems. They even packaged in a light-hearted Victorian theme packaging, and we all know how well Victorian medicine worked! (As well as snake oil, it turns out)

Bed Farts Eradication Mints

Are bath herbs not enough to stop the farting? Then maybe these Bed Farts Eradication Mints might be the solution! Though, make sure that they don’t fall asleep while eating one of these miracle mints, they could possibly choke, and then die! Death it only a temporary solution to farting, as after a few minutes the body will follow through and you’ll have to deal with a lot more than just farts on the bed.

Fart Extinguisher

Is it simply too late to prevent the fart? Has the culprit already released their noxious odour? Then it’s time to bring out the Fart Extinguisher. By using scientifically tested “Garden Melody” fragrances, guesswhatiforgot has produced an odour that is sure to eliminate farts and other obnoxious odours such as stinky feet, grotesque belches and unwashed pits. All for less than a fiver, and you can re-fill it too!

Fart Pen

Want to fart but not stink? This fart pen is sure to be the solution! Simply pull the finger, and listen to it fart! It might turn a few stomachs, but at least people won’t have to have a grimace stuck on their face for the next 5 minutes! Oh, and you can even write with it!