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Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts is where we started out nearly 8 years a go. We wanted to make a website that sold brillaint, funny novelty gifts, but at cheap and inexpensive prices. We started out by specialising in gifts under £5, and since then we have started to have real depth in stocks of rude gifts and old age gags.

But even then, those gifts are still very novelty, and most are under £5. We believe that novelty gifts are very important. if priced right, they can provide some very cheap laughs. They can make someone smile, they can help you get your own back on someone and they can also be very useful. 50 shades of brown for instance gets your own back on a prankster you may know. But the litle book included will help raise a smile and the toilet roll can come in very useful. Nobody likes going to the cupboard and realising there is no toilet roll left.

50 Shades Of Brown

50 Shades of Brown

We enjoy selling and distributing our novelty gifts, knowing that satisfaction is guaranteed. but we also have a good amount of fun sourcing the gifts for you, too. Our aim for 2019 is to stock some of the best novelty gifts, plus our own exclusive novelty gift range. We realise at times that we all need a laugh, a bit of fun, and something that's inexpensive. It's why we exist.

Do you have any novelty gift ideas? If so leave them in the comments below.