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Top Rude Phallic Gifts!

Top Rude Phallic Gifts!

Here at www.guesswhatiforgot.co.uk. we pride ourselves on our rude novelty gifts section. And here is a selection of rude gifts for women / her. And, as it is 2018, it also applies to rude gifts for men / him

Rude Cube

Do you have the strange desire to solve a puzzle and look at cock and balls at the same time? Then this is the rude novelty gift for you! Sure, you could go for a normal, boring puzzle cube with basic bright colours, but that isn’t funny or rude, this Rude Cube is though!

This 3x3x3 Rude Cube has almost 43 quintillion different combinations, that’s a lot of cock and balls! It can be found in funny, witty, crude rude novelty gifts for her and women.

Jelly Willys

Know somebody with a bit of a sweet tooth and suspect that they also might like a bit of cock? Then this is the rude novelty gift for them! Of course, you could just get these for anyone who enjoys the sweeter things in life, but feel like a bag of pick n’ mix isn’t a suitable gift. Another brilliant rude gifts for her in the shape of a willy.

Willy Mug

Do you know someone who has a constant handle on their cock? Well with this rude novelty gift, they can have a cock as a handle! This willy mug is perfect for anyone who loves sipping liquids while holding onto a cock. Do you have any willy shaped mug ideas we could turn into a rude novelty gifts?

Stress Willy

Stressed? Tired? Feel like your going to explode with anger? The solution? Squeeze your cock! Don’t have one? Purchase one from guesswhatiforgot! Simple! The best stress willy rude novelty gift on the internet.