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Gifts for Tequila Day!

Gifts for Tequila Day!

Time to get out the ‘The Champs’ Jazz vinyl disc and groove down on that jazzy sax because today is tequila day!

Personalised - Shot Glass With Mini Tequila

What would tequila be without an actual bottle of tequila! Made from the blue Agave plant, this small bottle of Jose Cuerro Especial Tequila Repsao with your very own special personalised glass is sure to get the party started! And for only £10.99 you’re not only get a shot of one of the finest shot bottles out of Mexico, but also the glass as well! (salt and lemon not included)

Novelty Sombrero

Did you know that for tequila to actually be classified as ‘tequila’ it has to be made, distilled and bottled in Mexico? Also from Mexico (Although actually from China) is our less than a fiver Sombrero! Its multi-coloured, made from the finest artificial fabrics and delivered to your door, next day for less than a tenner! Amazing!!

Crispy Critters - Barbecue Mealworms

What’s tequila without the worm! Unfortunately bottles only come with one worm, so buy this pack of crispy critters for cheap and enjoy a mealworm with every shot!