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Novelty gifts to relax with this heatwave

Novelty gifts to relax with this heatwave

Dick Face Towel

In this hot weather, it’s handy to have a towel around, as proven by Douglas Adams! You can use it to shade yourself, dry yourself off, and wipe away sweat! However, you don’t want to get any dick/ball sweat on your face do you! With this rude novelty towel, you won’t have to worry about get your face covered in ball sweat this summer!

USB Desk Fan

If you’re stuck in an office this summer, and you don’t have air conditioning then it’s very likely that you’ve been to the high-street to try and find a fan to cool you down, but to no avail, they’re all sold out! Don’t worry, Guesswhatiforgot still has plenty of stock of USB fans to cool you down, and in a range of lots of colours too!

Union Stripe Hammock with Fringe

Is it simply hot to even move in this summer sun? Then hook up this hammock, sit back with a bottle of water, apply some sunscreen (you can even put your drink in our sunscreen novelty bottle!) and relax. The gentle wind will blow the fringes back and forth