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Novelty gifts for bird lovers

Novelty gifts for bird lovers

Bird Food Storage Tin

Do you know someone who loves watching birds? Goes out with a checklist and a pair of expensive binoculars to find the rarest birds in Britain? Then these are the gifts for you! First up is this Bird Food Storage Tin! Don’t simply leave your bird food/seed out in the shed to attract mice, rats and other nasty rodents to your home! Keep it fresh and protected in this avocado green bird storage tin!

Gifts in a Tin – Build Your Own Bird Feeder

What’s the point of storing bird food if you don’t have anywhere for the birds to feed from! This gift in a tin at only 9.99 will help you out! No need to get the saw out, all these wooden pieces are all pre-cute and ready to be glued together, we even include a small bottle of glue! Also inside the packaging you’ll find a pair of suction cups so you can stick it on a flat surface, or ideally your window so you can see the birds up-close!

Rude Sock - Great Tits

Blue tit, Coal tit, Crested tit, Great Tit, Marsh tit and Willow tit are the tits you’ll probably find in your British summer garden!