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Novelty Gifts For World Emoji Day

Novelty Gifts For World Emoji Day

Desktop Emojifier

Ever wish you could explain your current mood, needs, wants or otherwise thoughts but didn’t want to use words? Then this is cheap novelty gift for you! If you’re lazy, anti-social, or jut anxious to talk, with this emojifier you’ll be able to speak your mind! They say a picture is a thousand words, and with this flipbook you can express 4000 all at once!

I Doughnut Give a Shit Mug

Some workplaces are very tight on rude language spoken in the office, maybe its so people don’t get offended, or so customers on the phone don’t overhear anything naughty! Don’t worry, with this cheap novelty mug available for less than a fiver, you’ll be able to speak your mind without uttering a single word!

The Little Book of Emoji Insults

Ever wish your could express yourself better in emoji? Sure an aubergine can represent a cock, but that’s pretty basic! With this book, you’ll be able to express all sorts of naughty lines, such as Asshole casserole, Go play in traffic, tell-tale tit and ever Bus Wanker! It’s cheap too!