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Naughty Novelty Gifts to Give to the French this World Cup

Naughty Novelty Gifts to Give to the French this World Cup

The bloody frogs managed to somehow make it to the world cup finals, so here are some rude novelty gifts to really stick it to them!

I Love Cock Mug

The French love cocks. It’s their unofficial symbol of France as a nation, and you can find statues, gates, churches, and even the national football team’s shirts! They really do love cocks. Give your favourite Frenchman this rude novelty gift and let them be patriotic in their love of cocks!

Get Yer Finger In - Wine Bottle Stopper

The bloody French love their wine, so much infact that they generated 4.9 billion euros of value last year, and almost half of it was consumed by the French!. Stop their celebrations This Sunday by not only having it coming home, but also sticking a finger in their wine bottle! This novelty gift will be sure to upset any Frenchmen!

Before And After Blow Job Spray

The French tend to have really bad breath. They eat frog’s legs, cheese, snails, baby cows and many more disgusting animal parts and concoctions. Make sure they have a good nice minty breath when they cry due to their loss this Sunday with this Before and After Blow Job Spray!