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World Cup Gifts!

World Cup Gifts!

World Cup Novelty Gifts!

to show your immense support for England this world cup? Then look no further, with these cheap novelty gifts, the chances of football coming home will increase exponentially!

England Flag

Now is your chance to fly your very own massive england flag! This 3 by 5 foot flag is perfect for showing your patriotism this world cup! You could fly is from a flagpole, you can display is on your parcel shelf! You could even use it as a cape! However you decide to use this flag, make sure you make this sporting novelty gift yours!

Mystic 8 Ball

We asked our Mystic 8 Ball if "England would win the world cup?" Our's answered, "You Can Count On It!" And there you go, undeniable truth that England will win the world cup. Try it out this novelty gift for yourself! 

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