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Novelty Gifts for Emoji Update Day!

Novelty Gifts for Emoji Update Day!

Gifts for Emoji Update Day!

The Unicode Consortium, which chooses and creates new emojis (and characters for world languages) have added a total of 157 new icons today!

Included are options for old emotes with brand new ginger hair, a range of super hero emotes, and various animals including a raccoon, swan, lobster and even a badger! You’ll also find a range of household items such as brooms, magnets, toilet paper, an abacus and even a new teddy bear! It's all about as useful as our novelty gifts. So we thought we would write a blog about some of our related novelty presents.

Here are some novelty gifts perfect to celebrate the occasion, for under five pounds.

Desktop Emojifier

Simply don't have the words to describe what is going on in the office? Need a novelty gift to express your feelings. Is someone taking too long in the toilet? Looking for someone to grab you a cup of coffee? Then this is the perfect gift for you. Many people are just simply too stupid to listen to requests, but with emojis, they see those round blobs and instantly get the message, might be why the ancient egyptians used them!

I Doughnut Give a Shit - Emoji Mug

Some things can only be said in emoji form! If you do not give a shit at work, then this is the mug to buy. Just make sure to try and hide it from your boss as it may not be the right gift to be sat around in some offices. Take a look at our other novelty mugs, too. We have a whole selection of office gifts as well.