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Get Your Father's Day Sorted Early! - Novelty Gifts for Dad!

Get Your Father's Day Sorted Early! - Novelty Gifts for Dad!

Beer Tasting Kit

Instead of being lazy and getting your Dad a few crates of beer and then attempting to wrap them up and failing because beer is heavy and paper is weak, why not get him a beer tasting kit! Inside the kit you'll find a glass for pilsner, stout, ale and a wheat beer! do not that none of these come included with the gift. You also get a wooden carrying paddle, very posh! and it's only £29.99! A cheap premium gift perfect for Father's day. You see, novelty gifts can be useful too.

King For A Day

If you aren't treating your dad like a king on Father's Day, then you're doing it wrong. A real Father's day includes feeding you dad a banquet of his favourite food, be it a table full of italian delights, cheap frozen food or some novelty vegan quorne nonesense, everyone is different! But, without this inflatable crown, he won't look the part. The inflatable crown is less than a five [ounds too, what could go wrong! you see, cheap novelty gifts under £5 can make great gift too!

Mr. Afro Nasal Trimmer

Often asked for at Father's Day is the elusive electric shaver! A necessary tool for a Dad who likes to keep clean shaven, but who is honestly going to remember what model and make he wants? Instead, why not pay less than a tenner and get a Mr. Afro Nasal Trimmer!

Do you have any cheap novelty gift ideas for Father's Day? Let us know!