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Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Funny Novelty Secret Santa Gifts

Check out our latest selection of new novelty gifts for secret Santa gifts 2019. If you have any gifts ideas, let let us know. The selection below are perfect for those on budgets, and will meet both secret Santa gifts under £10 and £5

Inflatable Perfect Man

Every lady wants the perfect gentleman around for Christmas, someone to buy them presents and treat them well! That, and someone to cook a big Christmas dinner for! Who knows, with this cheap novelty gift, you might even find that she will want to get engaged to the plastic little man, especially given that Christ Eve and Christmas Day are two of the most popular days to get engaged! So if you work in an office with someone who needs a man in their lives, then this is the funny secret Santa gift for them!

Diet Kit

The most popular New Years resolution every year is to lose weigh! However, from our quick internet research, apparently only 7% of people who make such a resolution stick to it into the new year! Hopefully this novelty gift will be a helping hand! You can't use the fork, the spoon has a massive hole, and the knife is blunt! Whether or not this is a funny secret Santa gift or a cruel one is up to you. But at £5, it should be in most secret Santa budgets.

Poo Timer

Imagine this, Its Christmas day, you have the whole family around, and there is only one toilet in the household. what do you do? tell people to go outside? No! You give them the poo timer! The poo timer novelty gift makes sure that everyone only takes 5 minutes! Granddad and Grandma might struggle to comply, but there you go, the poo timer rules all. 

The perfect funny secret Santa gift for the office too. Especially for the person who skives off to the toilet for 20 minutes at a time.