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Funny Old Age Gifts

Funny Old Age Gifts

Funny Old Age Gifts

Looking for a novelty gift for an old person/people, or a funny gift for someone growing old disgracefully or just a gag gift for an OAP, then you have come to the right place.

We have hundreds of funny gifts for old people that would make brillaint presents, for Birthdays or at Christmas.

1. Old Age - Dental Accessory

Yep, when you get into old age territory, your teeth tart to fall out. And at this age, new ones don't grow back. So, to make sure you old gits don't lose your teeth, this pack includes a teeth tub and space saver so your old age false teeth don't go missing. Otherwise, it will be soup on the menu.

2. Old Age - Marbles

If they're not losing their teeth, then usually, they will be losing their marbles. The perfect OAP gag for people who have just started to mislay things, and have started to call you your sister's name at the first attempt at getting your name out. Followed by your kids's name, before finally saying yours. If this is the case, then they need a new set of old age marbles. We're not saying these will help, but at least the effort was made.

3. Old Age - Wrinkle Filler

The other problem for old people that nobody can escape, are wrinkles. But don't despair, we will get that OAP in your life back to thei youthful looks in no time.

Included in this kit is a a wrinkle filler cream and a trowel. Simply get an old builder in, get him to trowel the cream into their faces, and as if by magic, all their horrible wrinkles have gone.

Please note, the wrinkle filler is actually moisturiser cream. But that can also be good for wrinkles, but it won't get rid of them. Nothing can get rid of old age.

Do you have any funny present ideas, or OAP gag gift thoughts, then let us know below.