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Novelty Gifts for Golf Day!

Novelty Gifts for Golf Day!

Miniature Crazy Golf

Got nothing better to do at work? looking to pass the time at the desk? Then this is the novelty gift for you! Inside this pack you'll find 9 course cards, 2 mini golf clubs and 2 golf balls, everything you need for a round of golf, all you need to do now it decide is your handicap! The perfect office gift or maybe that cheeky secret Santa gift. It is under 10 pounds as well.

Desktop Golfer

What do office workers dream about on a hot summer's day more than anything else? To be outside in the sunshine on the golf course, that's what. But sometimes you have to put work first. And, on these rather sad occassions, the only little glimmer of a replacement is this Desktop Golfer. We know it's not the real thing, but it's as close as you're going to get until VR actually becomes half decent. Again, it's the perfect office Birthday gift, or secret Santa gift. And this is under five pounds.

Personalised - Golf Tees

Whats the one thing in golf that you wont lose? The tee of course! you're hitting the ball as hard as you can, you're bound to lose it at some point! These high-qualty novelty personalised golf tees will last you a life-time. Especially as you cannot now lose or misplace them. Unless your name is Dave, then you might lose them. There are loads of Daves about.

Again, it comes under the budget for secret Santa at under £10, and again makes that hard to buy for office gift that little bit easier.

Do you have any novelty golf gift ideas?