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Banana Day!

Banana Day!

Banana Day

Today is Banana Day! And that means we gotta talk about one of our best selling novelty gifts, the Banana Stress Reliever!

Admittedly there isn't much to talk about when it comes to this novelty gift, it's a stress ball in the shape of a banana! It's bright yellow, rubbery, and would probably fool a monkey at the zoo! although, we can't reccomend eating it or feeding it to wildlife, probably full of magic stress relieving magic beads that make a mess of your carpet if you spill em', not the wisest thing to do.

Speaking of wisdom, did you know that the scientific name for the humble banana is "Musa Sapientum"? A direct translation comes out to "the fruit of the wise men", and honestly, for this novelty gift to be under a fiver, you'd be one unwise fool if you didn't buy it.

Real bananas have other abilities too! You can use them to whiten your teeth, wash your hair, kill warts, and even clean silver! Don't have any silver? Why not invest in a Gentlemans Will Care Kit, available here -