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Rude Novelty Candles

Rude Novelty Candles

Rude Novelty Candles

Oh yeah, we have got some brilliant new rude novelty gifts for you. In the shape of candles. Before we start off and show you our funny new rude ccandle range, we should warn you that the scents that are labelled on the side of the novelty candles, are just that - novelty scents. They are not real, and you wilol be thankful they aren't when you see the scents we have in store for you.

The first rude and disgusting candle scent is:

Wanky Candles - Fanny Farts

Remember, when we said that the scents aren't real. Well here is the reason. Imagine having the job of finding out what the average smell of a fanny fart is so you could make a candle of that scent? Fortunately, the candles are scented with a nice neutral vanilla fragrance. Not Fanny Farts.

But your starting to get the idea with these rude, novelty candles aren't you? And they start to get more offensive too. Here's a rude gifts for the men:

Wanky Candles - Knob Cheese

As you can see, you are now very, very thankful they are vanilla scented. Can you imagine a room smelling of knob cheese? It turns your stomach just thinking about it. But this rude gift does provide you with a brilliant gift for him or her, and we think at Christmas it would make a brilliant, funny rude stocking filler or rude secret santa gift.

Do you have any rude novelty gifts ideas? Let us know below.