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Rude Office Gifts

Rude Office Gifts

As social boundaires start to get broken down, certain words are becoming more and more acceptable. And, we here at www.guesswhatiforgot.co.uk love nothing more than putting rude, naughty and offensive words on to novelty gifts.

And we have started stocking some more new, rude, novelty office gifts, perfect for Birthday whip arounds and secret Santa gifts.

Below is just a short collection, and we will bring you more as we expand our office gifts range over the next few months.

Profanity Pen - I Have A Cheesy Knob

So, we advise you to hide all other pens before giving the recipient this gift. Because if there are no pens, they have no option but to use their new gift. Which, unfortuantely for them, this pen has "I have a cheesy knob" written on it.

Another scenario we like to think could be well planned, would be to wait for the serial pen thief/asker to come along. Then you can give them thisd pen. They're always taking other people's pens, anyway - so what they probably won't realise what it says on it. It's time for payback. Perfect for office Birthdays and office secret Santa gifts.

And before you start telling us about gender equality, check out this naughty, rude, offensive profanity pen.

Profanity Pen - I Have A Hairy Fanny

Is that gender equality enough for you? More rude gifts and opffensive gifts can be found by clicking the lovely blue writing.

Keep your eyes peeled, we have more to add to the collection on the way!