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Novelty gifts for Puppy Day!

Novelty gifts for Puppy Day!

The Dog Will Have The Fresh Beef Place Mat

Iams? Pedigree? Royal Cain? None of that awful slop for my dog! My dog only eats the freshest beef and the finest (off) cuts thank you very much! Who knows what could possibly be in those tin cans, there could be absolutely anything! Treat your dog to this placemat, and let them know that you love them, even if they can't read.


Hot Dogs Labrador


Looking for a companion you don't have to feed, look after and even stick in the microwave? Well, instead of being reported to the RSPCA, why not get this plush Hot Dog! Just stick his insert into the microwave, and you'll have one hot dog!  (contains 0 pork)

Gifts in a Tin - Travel Dog


We've all done it (if you own a dog). Left the house without the water bowl and had to use the sand bucket. Forgot the doggy bags, and had to use the Asda bag you had in your boot (you wouldn't leave it there, would you). Well, put this all behind you with this handy little tin. It has everything you need for a dog on it's travels!