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Gifts for St. Patricks Day!

Gifts for St. Patricks Day!

Christmas Jumper - Elf

The legend is said, that to avoid being pinched by Leprechauns, you have to wear green to make yourself invisible to them! Nowadays, people are the ones pinching one another in an annoying tradition! We dont really sell that many novelty clothes here at guesswhatiforgot, but instead in its place, here's a green novelty Christmas jumper instead! 

USB Desk Fan

After a hard days drinking, its time to sit back, sip some water, take some paracetemol and cool yourself down! A hangover is basically just one big hangover! Something that every paddy will know very well (although, they may have built up an immunity!) Make sure you don't sweat out anymore precious liquid water and keep hydrated!

Grow your own four leaf clover

Why should the Irish be the only ones with luck? We also think that looking for four leaf clovers can be a bit boring and tedious. So to solve both of these nagging problems, we introduce to you the Grow Your Own 4 Leaf Clover. Guaranteed luck - if you believe in that kind of stuff