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Pig Gifts For Pig Day!

Pig Gifts For Pig Day!

oink oink, It's pig day! these delicious little porkers have more to them than meets the eye! They're smarter than dogs, can replace your organs, can't look up, orgasm for 30 minutes, and can digest the entire human body except for their teeth! Oh, they're also pretty cute and make good sausages. Here are some novelty gifts based on our swiney pork friends!

Fun For Feet Slippers (Pig)

oink oink! Here's a novelty gift perfect for anyone with cold feet this winter! Not only are they lovelty and warm, but they also have a multigrip slip resistant sole to help you from slipping over in these cold months! each little bootie has a length of fabric on each leg to keep your shins warm, and a cute little piggy face too! the only thing they are missing is a curly tail!

Paint Your Own Piggy Bank

Not only to you get a little piggy bank in this set, but you also get a set of 6 bright colours, and a paint brush! Perfect for anyone who loves pigs, painting, or just for someone who needs to start saving their money!

Teeter Totter Piggy Bank

Don't want to paint your piggy bank? Do you instead want 2 piggy banks? and a seesaw? Pretty specific, but this is the novelty gift for you! See who can save the most money with thise teeter totter piggy bank! (by our calculations)