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New Rude Novelty Socks (and they're all less than a fiver too!)

New Rude Novelty Socks (and they're all less than a fiver too!)

Rude Socks - Master Baiter

Looking for a novelty gift for a fisherman? It can be hard! You can't just buy them a new hook, or a box of smelly bait like maggots or something just as disgusting. And if you're looking to spend less than a fiver, its almost impossible to find something! you're not going to get a fishing rod at that price! However, guesswhatiforgot has you covered! These novelty socks are less than a fiver, and they're sure to make whoever you give them to have a good laugh!

Rude Socks - W Anchor

Looking to call your friends and family a bunch of "W Anchor"'s without getting told off for saying a rude word? Simply slip on these rude novelty socks, and everytime you feel like calling someone a wanker, pull up your trousers leg and give them a wink. The opportunity to call anyone a wanker at any-time, for less than a fiver? What a bargain.

Rude Socks - For Fox Sake

Foxes are like dogs, except they kill livestock, push your bins over, and wake you up in the middle of the night with a blood curdling scream! Despite that, people seem to like the ginger bush tailed vulpines! If you're looking for novelty gifts with foxes, guesswhatiforgot is the right place to be! We have Fox mugs, Fox warmers, and now rude Fox socks! Socks naturally have socks so don't worry about having to get them a pair!

Do you have any rude sock ideas? Let us know below.