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Novelty Student Gifts

Novelty Student Gifts

Novelty Student Gifts

Here at www.guesswhatiforgot.co.uk, we pride ourselves on our ability to source the weirdest, but also usefull gifts that a student could ever need, and sometimes might not want. Such as novelty tea towels.

But we also have stuff that they need for a good time. We have games, drinking games, novelty alcohol gifts. You can see where this is going.

So, with the obligatory reminder to drink responsibly, below we have a selection of novelty student gifts that will have them stealing traffic cones and sleeping in their own sick.

Battle Shots

Battle Shots Game For Students

Based on the popular game of Battle Shots, this is a cheap way of students staying in and enjoying themselves. Instead of clenching your fist, or waving your hands in the air, or shouting "yes!" when you hit the target - this game makes your enemy drink. And it really could get messier than a real life battle depending on what alcohol you are drinking.

Hot Shots Toilet Game

Hot Shots Toilet Game For Students

One of the biggest gripes with students in shared accommodation is that of the toilet. Smells, lack of toilet roll replacement, skid marks and wee on the seat. But thanks to this little novelty gift, students do not have to worry about sitting down on the thron and getting a wet bum from a previous user's poor aim. Simply place the hot shot in the toilet and the warmth of your wee will show up on the target. But after drinking alcohol from our Battle Shots game above, even hitting insode the bowl may be a challenge. The perfect novelty gifts for students, wheter it is for him or for her.

Novelty Sombrero Hat

What would be a student if they didn't dress. Fancy dress isn't really our thing, but novelty hats are, and so are novelty gifts for students. So here you have a silly hat to go out partying in. And please keep wearing it even if a SJW comes along and accuses you of cultural apporpriation.

Do you have any novelty student gift ideas?