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Five Cheap Gifts Under 5

Five Cheap Gifts Under 5

Five Cheap Gifts Under £5

Here is a quick run-down of our top 5 best-sellers from our Cheap Gifts Under 5 Pounds range.

For Fox Sake Mug

At a penny under 5 pounds, we present you the For Fox Sake Mug. This funny, novelty and sometimes rude mug is our best-seller in the under 5 range mainly due to the fact it is so popular with office secret Santa gifts. And why not? It's clean but rude at the same time. Perfect for slipping through the office rules net.

Inflatable Hand Slappers

Another popular secret Santa gifts under £5, is the Inflatable Hand Slappers. And yes, there may be a tend here with the amount of our gifts that are under £5, offices and ideal secret Santa gifts. This novelty gift is here to settle petty office diputes. Let's face it, most arguments are about who is right and who is wrong. And the winner of this epic inflatable battle will be able to claim victory over that little squabbles.

Caution Cone

Another secret Santa gift related present that is hugely popular and under 5 pounds. This one is more directed to the men, and this novelty gift is not out of place at office, in the home, building sites etc. Anyway where there needs to be a warning about possible imminent death from toxic fumes.