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Top 5 Novelty Bike Gifts

Top 5 Novelty Bike Gifts

5. Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit

What's the point of having a bike if you cant ride it? And whats the first thing to break on any bike? The tires of course! No worries, with this novelty bicycle puncture repair kit, you'll be able to repair your bike wherever you are! and most importantly, it fits into this small tin so it wont weigh you down, and when you eventually whack it out, not only will people be impressed by how prepared you are, but also how cool the tin is!

4. Bike Mug - Born To Ride

Cycling everywhere sure can be hard work and can easily bring most people out into a heavy sweat! Make sure that you keep hydrated by having a novelty mug full of water, or maybe even your favourite hot beverage after a long cycle! This mug comes with a bicycle on the handle, so people will know exactly how much you like to cycle everywhere and how you where "born to ride"! The perfect gift for the office secret Santa present.

3. Bicycle Wash Bag

If you're a cycling enthusiast, and you've spent a pretty penny on a brand new bike with all the bells ans whistles, and a carbon fibre frame so you go slightly faster, then you know the importance of keeping the bike clean, rust free and maintained! Now you can do the same with this bicycle wash bag! This one may be outside the office secret Santa budget for some, as it coms in at just under £10.

2. Vintage Penny Farthing Tape Dispenser

The penny farthing is pretty much the Grandaddy of all the modern bikes we know today! With one giant wheel at the front to pedal and to steer, and a teeny tiny wheel so you're not on a giant unicycle! Of course, over time the bike was perfected into the machine it is today, in fact we got so good at it we decided it was a good idea to 'stick' a giant engine onto them! Speaking of "sticking", with this novelty gift, you'll be able to stick pretty much anything together with this tape dispenser, without the tape getting stuck to you!

1. Bicycle Multi Tool

Bikes are made up of many hundreds of pieces, and if you don't have the proper tools to take it apart it can be an absolute nightmare to try and fix your bike! No worries, this novelty gift is essentially the Swiss knife of bike repairs! Never worry about breaking down on your bike ever again! (although, this novelty gift wont be able to help the people who pedal the bike, we do sell novelty chocolate and sweets though!)