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New Novelty Gifts Under a Fiver

New Novelty Gifts Under a Fiver

Ring For Gin Bell

Wish you could order a glass of gin without having to go to a bar, or even speak for that matter? Or are you simply so intoxicated that your slurred speech is incomprehensible? Then this is the cheap novelty gift for you! Simple pick up the bell, ring it a few times, and before you know it, the a glass of gin will (hopefully) be served to you! Whom does the bell toll for? It tolls for thee (to get a glass of gin)

Touch My Food Fridge Magnet

If you’ve ever had to share a fridge before, you know the problems that can come across, especially if you live with rude roommates who feel it necessary to eat your food or drink! It's probably familiar to find yourself pouring a bowl of cereal, only to find that your roommate finished all the milk, or come to butter your toast and it's all gone! With this novelty gift, you can tell your roommates the possible deadly outcome from touching your food! And for less than a fiver, you can save yourself from countless arguments over food!

Squirting Unicorn

If you shower everyday, and somehow find yourself now being forced to take a bath for some unforeseen consequence (Maybe you’re delivering novelty gifts to your friends on their birthday, or taking your cheap novelty stocking fillers to your parents ancient house!), then you’re probably going to get really bored. And, unless you have a waterproof smartphone, or feel like risking your £500 smart device, you’re stuck! With this cheap novelty gift, however, you can find

Grips, Clips & Other Hair Bits Pouch

If you own a handbag, or have ever had to go into your female companions handbag to fetch something, you’ll know just how messy and hard it is to find something in a handbag, especially if you’re looking for something as small as a hair bobble or hair pin! With this cheap novelty gift for less than a fiver, you’ll be able to store and easily find those things! Its a great stocking filler and secret santa!