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Guesswhatiforgot Social Media

Guesswhatiforgot Social Media

Want to follow the hippest pages on social media? then go ahead and like us on our various novelty social media pages!


Facebook became uncool as soon as your mum joined it back in 2010, and we're honestly surprised that anyone actually still uses it, now that its full of boring repeative mems that were unfunny a decade ago, and is completely full of advertisements. Speaking of adverts, you can follow us and find out when we bring in the latest and greatest novelty gifts that we have to offer! https://www.facebook.com/www.guesswhatiforgot.co.uk/


Want to find out the latest novelty gifts in less than 140 characters whilst also watching us harrass several celebreties who and then blocked us (we're sorry Jon Snow, but watching you smoke weed was too funny to not make fun of you), then follow us on twitter! You'll be sure to be amused with our hilarious tweets to biggoted individuals like Katy Hopkins! https://twitter.com/guess_what_i


want to watch a pairof siblings review the products we sell in an extremely proffesioal manner with only the highest of production quality? Then our youtube page is sure to be right up your street, with will over a thousand views on many of our videos, we're essentially a viral hit! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUoy-HzXE-3VuElvqqgyMBA


And now we come to the black sheep of the social media world, google plus. Lets be completely honest here, the only people who use Google plus are people who understand how venn diagrams work and those who signed up for it when youtube forced everyone to create a google plus account when google wanted more than just 12 people on teir incredibly expensive social media site! https://plus.google.com/+GuesswhatiforgotCoUk-Novelty-Gifts/posts