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Rude Gift Categories

Rude Gift Categories

Rude Gift Categories

Here at guesswhatiforgot, we specialise in rude, crude and all around diabolic gifts, and if you (somehow) can’t find any of our rude gifts, this definitive list should help you find all the rude novelty gift categories on our website!

For Men > Rude Gifts

Looking for something rude for the man in your life? Be it you father, brother, lover or flatmate you’re guaranteed to find something that will suit your rude novelty gift needs! From rude novelty mugs, belly button brushes and even novelty underwear, you’re bound to find something to suit your rude gift needs!

For Women > Rude Gifts

Why the need for a separate rude novelty gift section jut for women? Well, in comparison to the men’s section, this rude gifts for women section has vibrators, willy shaped chocolate, mint sprays for after your blow jobs, and candy practice willys! There are some men who would like these gifts too, but only about 10%.

Gift Ideas > Rude Gifts

Looking to buy something for someone but have absolutely no idea what they like or want? You could go the lazy route and pick them up a gift card, or place some cash into a card, or just even get them food! Or, you could visit our gift ideas page for Rude gifts, and pick them up a novelty gift bound to make them laugh.

Rude Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa’s in the office are hard, especially if you’re in a big office where you only half sort of know people! Don’t worry, with our rude secret Santa gift section, you’re bound to find something you can buy!

Christmas Gifts > Rude Gifts

This rude Christmas gift section is our more pricier rude gifts. They're a little bit more useful than some of the gifts we sell. I mean, what's more useful than a Gentleman's Willy Care Kit or a Gentleman's Ball Sctratcher

Rude Stocking Fillers

This section is full of rude gifts for those on a budget and just want a little something here and there to bring a smile to someone's face and give them a few extra things to unwrap. Which is nice, unlike the gift that they are about to open.

Do you have any rude gift ideas that you think would add to our collection. Then let us know below.