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Office Gifts for 2017!

Office Gifts for 2017!

2017 is looking like its going to be a fantastic year for the novelty gift enthusiast, with so many new and hilarious gifts being added this year, you'll be spoiled for choice in how many ways you can make your co-workers laugh with such such a low and cheap price point! There really is a gift for everyone in the office this Christmas!

I'm here To Help Badge

I'm here to help! Only joking, fuck off! Is what this badge reads. If you know someone in the office who doesn't like being very helpful, for example doesn't tidy their desk, or doesn't respond to emails in a reasonable fashion, or even doesn't like making cups of tea, then this is the badge for them! A perfect cheap office secret Santa gift

Poo Timer

Having a poo at work is pretty great, you get to sit down, probably browse your phone and take a breather, all whilst being paid for it! However, some people do abuse this! There's one in every office, as soon as it comes to finishing up a piece of work, they've disappeared into the toilets for a quarter of an hour! Not with this poo timer they wont. This sand timer will count down, grain by grain for 5 minutes, giving you just enough time to drop off, wipe down and wash your hands. Great office gift, under £5 (nice and inexpensive, too).

I Love Cock/Anal/Clunge Mugs

Some offices are more laid back than others and therefore rude office mugs like this one are more acceptable. Can you imagine what kind of gifts our office has in them. We have absolutely no boundaries, which we're not sure is a good thing or not.

Fidget Fingers

Procrastination. The word is used most commonly in offices up and down the country. We're good at it, so we thought we'd help you go off into day dreams whilst fidgeting mindlessly on these fidget fingers when you should be undertaking some important work. A great new office gift for 2017, and a good, cheap one for the office secret Santa gift, too!

Do you have any office gift ideas. Let us know below.