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Rude Gifts for Halloween

Rude Gifts for Halloween

Looking for rude novelty gifts this Halloween? Looking for something to make your naughty Halloween party that much ruder? Maybe you just want to annoy small children demanding chocolate and other sweets at your door! Or maybe you’re just feeling evil this Halloween, and feel it’s time to hand out some much deserved tricks this trick-or-treat.

Ugly Bag

Looking to go trick or treating but don’t want to go on your own? Last minute Halloween costumes are hard to come by! You could cut a few holes into a sheet and pretend to be a ghost, or you could cut up a few bin bags and pretend to be some sort of rubbish bin monster. Or you could purchase a rude novelty gift ahead of time from guesswhatiforgot and receive it next day with our royal mail 24 service for only £3.50! This ugly bad is sure to come in handy, especially if you have ugly friends who want to go trick or treating with you, but that would be a rather rude gift.

Candy Pussy/Succulent Willy

If you’re looking out to hand out rude edible items at your door this Halloween? You could just give the children a box of raisins or an apple as a healthy delicious treat (that they don’t want to eat). Or instead, you could hand out rude sweets or candy sugar coated genitalia to them instead! It’s not like they know what they are! Although you might get arrested for handing out such lewd items to children.

Box of Pranks

Looking to hand out some tricks instead of sugary treats this Halloween? We’ll here’s a box of tricks perfect for such evil ways! Included inside the box is a pack of fake spiders and flies, a pack of trick chewing gum, some fake poop and a fake bandage! These nasty little pranks are sure to upset the local sweet demanding children!