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Rude Mugs for Secret Santa

Rude Mugs for Secret Santa

Boob Mug

It’s a mug, in the shape of a boob, that has a leaky nipple you can drink through. What more could you possibly want from a novelty mug? Rude, crude, funny and cheap with attractive packaging? We have that covered too! This mug can be yours for less than a fiver, and it makes for a great secret Santa!

Spreadsheets Turn Me On Mug

Know someone who loves grappling with spreadsheets? Have entire keyboard layouts dedicated to visual basic macros to streamline their work day. Do you think they get an erection from thinking about how they can make their spreadsheet more efficient? Then this mug is for them! A greta secret Santa gift for any office worker.

I hate Everyone I work With Mug

Want a mug that speaks truths for you without getting you in trouble? Do you want everyone in the office know that you hate them but make it come off as a joke. Then this is the secret Santa mug for you! "I hate everyone i work with" is printed on both sides of the mug for superior impact and 360 degree angular laughs. Make sure that everyone knows with this cheap novelty mug!

w - Anchor Mug

Say what you see, say what you see. Squiggly-line hook? Chevron kedge? If you can figure out why this rude novelty mug is so funny, feel free to send us an email or ring us!

And if you have any rude or novelty mug ideas that would be perfect for secret Santa gifts, then let us know. Now!