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Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

It's almost that time of year again. Christmas will soon be upon us, so you're going tyo have to get your secret Santa gift idea hat on. And with the way inflation is going, the budget will probably go from £5 to under £10 this year. but don't worry, we've got you covered.

Breakfast Of Champions Spoon

The best way for an office worker to start the day, is with a big hearty breakfast. And this spoon has added weight to help you get a pump before work too. You'll be ready for work early for a change. At just under £10, you can even get it posted and and still be under your ten pound budget! Perfect secret Santa gift for gym rats, office workers who work out or students who need a bit more exercise.

Bucket Missed Flip Book

Remember when you had your whole life planned out. The magical places you were going to visit, the experiences you were going to enjoy? And then work and life got in the way. So the closest we could get to you completing your bucket list, was to make a bucket missed list instead. Whilst in your office you can be dreaming of the gondla ride you never went on, or the mountain you never climbed. It's the perfect secret Santa gift under £10. They'll really appreciate the reality check, stuck inside, with no way out.

Grow A Pair Mug

And now for something slightly rude. And what would a secret Santa gift under £10 be without being a little bit funny, rude, crude, offensive and slightly sexist? Exactly, nothing! So we've thrown one in this blog for you. It strats off with one pear on this mug, but when filled with a hot beverage, it turns into a pair of something else. Very clever innuendo, you see.

Do have any secret Santa gift ideas under £10?