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Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

Here is a quick selection of secret Santa gifts under £5 you can bet will be popular this Christmas. It includes the rude, crude, offensive, funny, way too cheap and the nice (why would you buy a nice one, though?). They're perfect for the office, or any other workplace you can think of.

The Boss Mug

Drawn your own boss on the secret Santa? That can be tricky when you only have £5 to spend, you've got it make it good, look like you've put some thought into it, and it cant look cheap! If you're looking for an easy way out of this conimdrum, then get yourself this cheap novelty mug! You might end up looking like a bit of a brownnose though.

Ring For Tea Bell

Ding dong, it's time for tea! That's what your giftee will be doing every time they fancy a cuppa from now one! This cheap novelty gift its perfect for mutes, shy people, or those who simply have their mouth full! We can't guaruntee that you'd be able to get a cuppa coffee with this bell, though!

Fine Tins Swearing

Here's a list of rude words: Bollocks, Shit, Shite,Knob, Fuck, Arse. All of these words will soon be generating mega revenue in your office once implemented properly. You get a whole pound if you say the big fuck word! We arent afraid of swearing on our website, we're rude, we're crude, and we sell cheap novelty gifts!

Got any offensive novelty gift ideas for cheap secret Santa gifts?