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New Rude Gifts For Christmas

New Rude Gifts For Christmas

Back In Stock for Christmas

Cunt Mug

Back in stock in time for Christmas, and now with improved packing is the GWIF favourite, Cunt Mug! Are you looking for the ulitimate rude novelty gift this christmas? We have you covered! It makes for a great-hate gift too, you get to call someone a cunt, and get away with it because it's a joke! Or is it. Merry Christmas, you ....

New This September!

I <3 Anal/Clunge/Cock Mug

Do you know somone who loves anal, clunge or cock? Do you want other people to think that they love anal, clunge or cock? Or do you simply just want to infer that infact, they do love anal, clunge or cock! It makes a great rude or offensive Christmas present for office colleagues or family members with a good sense of humour.

Note To Self Optional Fuck Desk Calendar


Fuck it, Fuck this, fuck me, fuck that, fuck you and fuck off. These are the possible options when spinning the optional fucks perpetual calendar. At the bottom of the calendar you'll find a small arrow embezzled in gold to decide which expletive to use. A Christmas present any unorganised, foul-mouthed, forgetful person needs. It will probably be met with a swear word rather than a thank you. But that's not what Christmas is all about.

Do you have any rude or naughty Christmas gift ideas you think we should stock before the festive season?