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Comfy Cheap Novelty Gifts

Comfy Cheap Novelty Gifts

Inflatable Boobie Slippers

Looking for something comfy, inflatable, and even a little bit rude? Well, its not a sex doll, and it isnt an inflatable pool toy either! Introducing the boobie slippers! They're cozy, warm and a rather rude way of relaxing around the house or pool! Perfect for all the boobie lovers in your life, and they're cheap too, less than a tenner!

Snug Rug

Ever been sat on the sofa with a quilt over you to save on the heating, only to reach for the remote and realise its disapeared under the covers, and you're going to have to go out into the cold to find it? even if you do know where it is, you're going to have to expose an arm! not with the snug rug you're not, with inbuilt sleeves and pockets, you can stay warm and cozy and move around!

Sandal Socks

Sandal socks are one of the most comfortable pieces of footware you can wear, but they come at a grave and costly price, you don't look very fashionable! Luckily, these cheap novelty socks come with sandals included, so you dont even need to go and buy the sandals!

Got any cheap novelty gift ideas yourselves?