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Ice Cold Novelty Gifts

Ice Cold Novelty Gifts

Shark Fin Ice Tray

Sure, you could buys some regular ice cubes from the supermarket, or you could have a novelty drink and have little murder fish swimming around in your drink! Obviously you want the shark fins, duh. and so do you kids! there's a good chance with these novelty shark fins, your children might want to drink more water, and water is vitally important for healthy and developing children! Stay hyrdated with this novelty shark fin ice trays!

Grand Rock Glass with Ice Mould

Looking for something a little more serious? don't want to sip your whiskey with little shark fins floating around in your glass? We understand, so instead we reccommend our Grand Rock Glass with Ice Mould! Not only do you get a fancy little glass, with a custom set ridge at the bottom of the glass, but you also get an ice mould for the perfect sphere of ice to roll around in the bottom of your glass! This fancy novelty gift is the perfect executive gift! And it's cheap, too!

Frosty Ice Tumbler

Don't want to have any ice inside your class at all, but still want that icey cold drink? Look no further, this cheap novelty gift has you covered! Simply go click the hyperlink on the glass, purchase it, wait for it to be delivered by royal mail, open your parcel, wahs it, stick it into the freezer and hey presto! a glass that is as cold as ice, that you can stick any liquid in you want! You wont have to worry about your drink getting diluted with melting ice water ever again!

Have you any cool novelty gift ideas?