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Rude Secret Santa Gifts: Do They Belong In the Office?

Rude Secret Santa Gifts: Do They Belong In the Office?

Having a laugh is important, and probably more important than you think! Research shows that the physical act of laughing can actually elevate an individual’s pain threshold. Whether you’re rolling on the ground in stitches over our Jizz Game, or having a chuckle at our boobie slippers, we all use laughter as a form of communication! And if other people in the are laughing with you, then your bond will grow inevitably stronger!

Scientists know that the act of laughing releases endorphins into the brain that provide feelings of happiness and a heightened sense of well-being, and isn’t that exactly what you want from a quality novelty gift?

If you add all this to the fact social barriers have been broken, with the sudden realisation swear words mean nothing, our range of rude secret Santa gifts have grown in popularity.

And what better time of year than Christmas to spread fun, laughter and joy!

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