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Novelty Gifts International Bath Day

Novelty Gifts International Bath Day

Rubadubdub, Its time to get in the tub and scrub scrub scrub! In our busy lives, many of don’t even have a bath, we just hop into the shower and have a quick rinse, instead, why not have a long deep wash in the bath, and in between rubbing soap into your pours and washing your hair, you could play with our novelty gifts!

First up. The bathketball, a clever mix between bath and basketball. In this sport, you gotta slam the plastic basketball shaped balls into the hoops, it’s not all that much different from regular basketball! See how long you can spin these balls on your fingers, and what sick trick you can do. Don’t aim for the toilet though, they do float but you might not want to touch the balls ever again. Novelty gifts don't come much better than this at bath time!

The Floater – Bath Plug

Once you’ve finished your bath, and drained away the dirty water, why not let people think that you’ve left a little dirty present left behind, a big ol poo. A great gift for students and young teens, its sure to bring about poo related jokes and laughter throughout the entire household. Rude novelty gifts at their finest.

If you want to see even more rude novelty gifts, then browse our huge section of them. We challenge you not to laugh at the funny, rude, and downright offensive novelty gifts.