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Top Novelty Gifts For Your Election Leader

Top Novelty Gifts For Your Election Leader

Theresa May

Strong and stable, Strong and stable, Strong and stable. That’s what Mrs. May keeps repeating! Now, we don’t sell any novelty weight lifting equipment, and we only have a few novelty gifts for horse lovers and riders. But what we do have is a pack of novelty giant cards! What can you use cards for? Why you can play bridge of course! Bridges are strong and stable, and so are these massive cards! They’re almost as strong as Bruce Forsyth’s career with the bbc, speaking of, Play your Cards Right anyone?

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy will be turning 69 this year! And if he gets in, he’ll be one of the eldest prime minister this country has ever had (coming only after early Earl Grey, tea anyone? In a novelty mug?). With his old age though, he has quite the grey head of hair! Do you think the carpets match the drapes? Be sure to send him this novelty greeting card if you think he does

Tim Farron

Who? Oh that’s right, the leader of the Liberal democrats. Tim, who looks like a Doctor Who villain, was recently portrayed holding up pints of milk in a photoshoot, and he does look rather odd (I mean seriously, who in their right mind gets fully skimmed milk?) So for Tim, we’re presenting a novelty Milk bottle. THE MILK MAN COMMETH

Paul Nuttall

He’s bald. And he's middle-aged, so the perfect person to buy a funny, old age gift for. Not that you'd buy him a gift, we're not sure he could even buy any votes.