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Top Cricket Novelty Gifts for the ICC Champions Trophy!

Top Cricket Novelty Gifts for the ICC Champions Trophy!

Fwoaar, summer is officially here and the cricket has begun! Home grown in England, the ICC Champions tournament has been going on for almost a decade now! This year’s opening match starts with big and beautiful England versus sunny Bangladesh!

We don’t really sell anything directly related to cricket, but we do have some novelty gifts that can fill in!

First up, the most important part of cricket, the odd shaped bat! In professional play, the bat can be no wider that 4.25 inches, or longer than 38 inches! I can’t seem to find any rules about how small the bat can be though, so why not use our novelty shit stirrer spoon? Sure, it might break on the first swing, but you can technically use it in professional play!

What about the cricket ball? A typical cricket ball is a sphere of cork wrapped by leather. Unfortunately, we don’t sell anything covered in leather at all! But we do have a few other novelty balls, such as the Waboba Ball (a highly advanced sphere that can skim on water with ease!) and a giant breast stress ball! Maybe you could use one of those instead!

Now, to be good at cricket, you have to be fit, strong and extremely nimble, you average bowler can throw a cricket ball at around 93-99mph! That’s faster than our cheap 24 service shipping!

Make sure that you’re fit and healthy with our novelty spoon Breakfast of Champions! Shaped in the mould of a Greek god, and with an added weight to your daily routine, you’ll be sure to pitch those speedy bowls!