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What’s the point of washing up your dishes when you can just buy cheap novelty dinnerware to replace them instead? Heres a few of our favourite novelty dinnerware gifts

Initial Dimple Pint Glass

When it comes to drinkware, it can be really important what you drink from! For example, have you ever tried drinking water from a ceramic mug? It’s absolutely disgusting! We can’t possibly imagine drinking a pint out of something that isn’t made from glass or tin! Use a novelty gift instead.

Ice Shot Glasses

What about not having any dishes to wash at all! Instead of having porcelain that needs sticking in a dishwasher or smashed by a happy Greek man who’s been told that he’s debt free, why not have a dishes made from glass instead! They’re cool, novelty and will be great at cooling down your food when they’re hot and straight out of the oven! All for under £5!

Chocolate Fish and Chips

Why even bother with that when you can just use cardboard instead! It’s brilliant, simply head on over to the search bar at the top of our page, type in “fish” and hey presto, a novelty gift ready for you to purchase! You can even use PayPal!

Another great gift for under 5 pounds.