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Novelty Gifts for Star Wars Day!

Novelty Gifts for Star Wars Day!

A short time ago on a cheap novelty gift website...

IT’S STAR WARS DAY and May the Fourth be with you. Everyone knows about Star Wars, even your great grandparents! Released in 1977, this space opera became a world wide pop culture icon, with an estimated $42 billion dollar estimated worth, this is one franchise that everyone has heard of!

And with everyone having heard, and more than likely enjoying Star Wars, they’re bound the like it too! Everyone from kids, to kids in adult bodies love this franchise, and that’s why when it comes to gift buying, you cant go much wrong with a star wars gift!

Star Wars R2-D2 Desk Vacuum


Ever find yourself drifting off into day dreams about CGI free space operas whilst you're idly sitting at your office desk? Then its time to bring your dreams into reality!

Don't worry, not like some other junk astromech droids that have their motivator's blow, this is one desk vacuum that's up to the task! Of course it won’t be able to pick up anything the size of Alderaan chunks, but it will certainly be able to pick up any crumbs!

And again, don't worry, you aren't going to need a Power recharge couple to recharge this R2-D2, it uses a micro usb port (the type that most phones/laptops use nowadays).

Darth Vader Mood Light

According to the community built “wookiepedia”, Darth Vader’s monitoring panel (the thing with buttons on his chest) will occasionally beep and flash frequently for absolutely no reason, other than to remind him of his vulnerabilities. Darth Vader isn’t going to sleep any time soon, but he can help you rest well at night with this night/mood light!