Rude Secret Santa Gifts

Rude Secret Santa Gifts - 

From as little as £1.99 (perfect for the under £5 or £10 budgets), you can make your boring Secret Santa an exciting one, by making it rude. The best thing is, you can go as far as you want, because they'll never know it came from you. Go on, you put up with them all year - it's payback time!  A naughty secret Santa gift is what you need

Now, the majority react to our Rude Secret Santa Gifts in the same way. Laughter, guffawing, snorting and sniggering. We have to say, there are really good naughty secret Santa gifts for most people, here.

"I could but that for Ian in I.T", we hear.

"I'm going to get that for Mary in Accounts", you exclaim.

But, alas, you start thinking. "will he/she take it the wrong way?", "will i get told off at work?", "does the boss have a sense of humour?". We implore you not to back out*. Our Rude Secret Santa Gifts are all you need to raise that one laugh a year at work. Remember - every workplace needs a Willy Mug or some Juggling Boobs.

*disclaimer - we cannot be held responsible if you do get sacked as a direct consequence of buying one of our rude secret santa gifts. Thanking you.

Rude Secret Santa Gifts

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